Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Glass Coin - Call For Submissions

The Glass Coin is looking for a little more variety for their December issue. They have a few Christmas themed pieces, but would like something else. Perhaps a piece about the Festival of Lights or any of the ones listed in our summary or any celebration or tradition you may have. Variety is the key.


Extended Deadline – Accepting Submissions until November 15

December 2010 - You fast in Ramadan. Or maybe you eat turkey in October (or November – whatever). Some eat unleavened bread in Nisan. And others go vegan for the first full moon of Taurus. Maybe for you, the best day of the year includes trick-or-treating or fireworks. For some these times are sacred, for others it’s just a day of fun. And no matter when we ring in the New Year, we all have traditions and we all celebrate. What defines our differences can also be the source of our similarities.

Submission guidelines can be found HERE.

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thank mate for the heads up