Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"The Truth Is An Illusion" up at Postcard Shorts

I have a short piece, entitled "The Truth Is An Illusion" up now on Postcard Shorts.

Postcard Shorts is a cool site, with stories up to 1500 characters accepted and printed in a postcard format. It has a nice look to it and some really great flash fiction within the site. Have a look and see what you think - the submission guidelines are here.

A big thank you to the editor, Richard, for the quick response and acceptance.


David Barber said...

A thought-provoking story, Paul. A well written piece of writing where you set the scene very well indeed. Well done, mate.

It is a very good looking site. I may send something in myself.

Madam Z said...

A well written piece of horror! I think I felt a bit of bile rising in my own throat when I read the line about the note being NAILED to the poor woman's chest. I found myself hoping desperately that the note had been attached after her death, not before, but I fear the opposite was true. Oh wait! It's fiction, right? RIGHT??

Crybbe666 said...

David - the truth is always whatever we want it to be. Glad you liked it. I recommend the site, too. Quick response.

Z - Of course it was fiction...what do you take me for? Now, how do I get those splinters out...? :)

Laurita said...

Well done! Great piece of writing, and that is a nice site. Thanks for bringing both to our attention.

Harry said...

Killer story Paul. Could be the beginning of something bigger. Also the postcard format is cool.

Icy Sedgwick said...

Congrats! Fantastic story, too.

Erin Cole said...

Excellent stuff, Paul! I really liked that one—chilling, with a cryptic ending, and you led up to it with just the right amount of back-story.
Fine penning!

Michael Solender said...

Congrats mate, will go have a look.

John Wiswell said...

Revolting little tale, Paul. Congratulations on the publication.

Jodi MacArthur said...

I like the depth and how you use horror as your tool to take us down to that very last line. Loved it.

The form of the postcard gives a unique feel. Classy site. Hope you are well!

Crybbe666 said...

Laurita - You can thank Icy for the website. I found it looking through her work. Thanks!

Harry - There is something in the works revolving this situation. Stay tuned!

Icy - Thanks - found the site on your blog and thought it could work. Cheers!

Erin - Back story is hard, the mystery was easy. Thanks for popping in. Always appreciate it.

Michael - Thanks mate, appreciate you calling by.

John - Ahhh...revolting - them's the words I like :)

Jodi - Creeping up to a finale in that space is hard...glad you think I did it well. Cheers, Jodi.