Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Morten Bay Fig - SexyTouch Challenge (6S)

...And now for something completely different...

Over at the Six Sentences Social Network, there has been a challenge issued to use the image above to write something "sexy". This challenge came from Absolutely*Kate (of At The Bijou fame...well, famous to those who know her!) Those who have been reading my writing of late know that this would be highly unusual for me, but a challenge IS a challenge. So, here is my piece:

The Morten Bay Fig

The peal of the church bell reminded her of Richard. They had first met under the Morton Bay Fig in the edge of the shopping district; her searching for another pair of shoes, he buying flowers for his long-dead wife’s grave. She didn’t believe in coincidence – she believed in fate and kismet and providence. So they had chatted, laughed and drank take-away coffee and ate home-made sandwiches under that same fig tree every Sunday morning, watching the good-at-heart and god-fearing population attend Mass and plan for a future they both so desired. Now, sitting alone on a bed in a hotel miles from that fig tree, she remembered him again; his touch, his smile, his soft, warm lips upon every inch of her body. She also remembered their last night together - his proclamations of eternal love, her offering herself to him; his cooling body beside her on the bed and she crying silent tears and longing for the man she had loved.


David Barber said...

Beautiful yet sad. You do 'this style' pretty well from what I've just read Paul. Well written piece inspired from the image.

Regards mate, David.

Nicole E. Hirschi aka CJT said...

I've seen you step further and further out of your comfort zone lately, and I have to say, I like it, I really do!

Great pacing and even in all its sadness, a very beautiful piece.

Daniel said...

Paul, nice, very nice. A voice I've not heard from you. Now tell me true, did she ice the guy? He's cooling and she's crying for the man she loved.

Michael Solender said...

I agree w/cjt - an uncharacteristic, yet very nicely done piece from you. bravo. all those books that surround you are paying off!

Crybbe666 said...

David - it is a 'style' I am not totally comfortable doing, too worried about being overly sentimental and sounding like crap!!! Thanks, mate.

Nicole - Thank you. Out of my comfort zone is something I am trying to acheive all the more recently. Glad you liked the piece.

Daniel - Like I said to David, not something I am too keen on doing. As for your question...not telling, but I don't really think so...maybe?

Crybbe666 said...

Mr S. - Uncharacteristic? I sure hope so!!! Thanks for reading. I have received so much positive feedback, I am shocked!
Hey, surrounded by books all day, I would have had to learn something, right?