Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Dance We Shared - FFF #24

Another week in the Friday Flash Fiction, and another curveball thrown at the willing participants. Cormac Brown, host of FFF, challenged us this week with the starter sentence "A Kiss As Sweet As..." and, much to my bemusement, he added the clause "Oh, and just like a nightclub? There will be no guns or knives allowed this week."

So here we are, with something completely different for me and, I am sure, for you, the reader. Here is my piece, entitled:

The Dance We Shared

A kiss as sweet as cold water on a hot summer’s day awoke from my slumber. She stood before me, a vision of beauty unmatched in my life until this moment – in fact, her beauty swelled with every passing moment. I had been bewitched by this woman from the first time I had laid eyes on her several months before and I am still captivated by her.

I rolled over and beckoned to her, hoping for another kiss of life - another taste of her full, red lips and hot breath on my neck. Instead, she sashayed across the living room, her red heels clicking on the bare hardwood floor, her curvaceous derriere straining to be free of the tight denim skirt that held it captive. She spread her long, pale arms and pulled the heavy curtains closed – the whoosh seemed loud in the silence of the early morning – then spun on her heel, hands already releasing the buttons on her silk blouse.

She began a deliberately erotic dance, moving to music that only she could hear. The rhythm of her swinging hips and heaving breasts had me sitting up, accidentally knocking over the empty coffee cup that I had placed on the edge of the coffee table. She didn’t seem to notice and the seductive shimmy continued. Step by step, button by button, she inched closer to me, finally removing her middy to reveal the low cut swimsuit she had been wearing at the beach the previous day.

We had spent a long time on the beach; swimming was only one of the activities we had taken part in, and it was also not the most pleasurable one. After collecting her from the airport, we went to the beach to watch the sunrise, and ended up staying the whole day, enjoying each other’s company and other pleasurable things. We had kissed, cuddled, fucked and made love; on the sand, in the water. We had been waiting a long time for these moments, and we took full advantage of it. Our time together was going to be brief – just a few weeks – and we were going to make sure we made the most of every minute we had.

Reaching out to me, she took my hand and helped me to my feet. Pulling me close, we shuffled around the living room, completely unaware of whatever may be going on in the outside world. I leaned in against her, taking in the sweet scent of her hair, drowning in the depths of her cool powder-blue eyes.

Finding my feet, I gently swayed with her toward the bedroom door. She pulled back from me for a moment, smiled the mischievous smile that I had quickly grown to love, and continued to let me lead her in that direction. I could feel her ample breasts against my chest and her hands running up and down my back, pausing only occasionally to stop and let me taste her tongue and lips once more.

The dance slowly came to an end as we reached my intended destination. Leaning across me, she flicked on the light; the deep crimson illumination had caught her attention the previous evening as we had made love on the floor at the foot of the bed; her smooth skin lustrous in the glow. She pushed me into the room, sending me spread-eagled onto the bed. I looked up in mock surprise at her sudden playfulness, as she ran her fingertips against her soft, sweet lips and flung the door shut behind her.


MRMacrum said...

Stepping out of one's comfort zone is tough to do. You did it wonderfully. Really like your sweet kiss and cool water hot day sentence.

Doc said...

Very, very steamy! I wonder if my wife could dance like that?


David Barber said...

That was some dance, Paul. Top work, as usual. Well done, mate.

Nicole E. Hirschi aka CJT said...

Steamy is an understatement Paul. I think I enjoy reading your erotic writing... its kind of hypnotic... as well as other things!

Randal Graves said...

You dirty bastard. Swanky stuff.

That is obviously not the man's wife.

Crybbe666 said...

MRM - Thank you, sir. It is never easy to write something like that. I have very few romantic bones in my body!

Doc - Fog up the bathroom window steamy? One could hope. Don't dare ask the answer to your question.

David - I don't know how to dance. Not even in the written form!!

Nicole - Dare I ask what the "other" things are, you mentioned? Don't expect too much more of this sort of thing!

Randal - I take "You dirty bastard" as a compliment! And do you know this guy?

WellesFan said...

Nicole's "hypnotic" is a good word choice to describe this story. Nicely done.