Friday, November 6, 2009

November Down Under

November: where have the disheartening drizzle and the blasting Siberian chill gone?

November: the year feels reborn, flowers blossoming, laying the foundations for a glorious summer; the birth of a new generation of kingdom Animalia, eager to frolic in the wilds with abandon.

November: the sun belts down from the heavens, brightening our earth, ridding the land of the bleak and characterless winter, lifting our spirits, gladdening our hearts.

November: the Pacific shimmers gracefully with sunlight, dappling across its majestic waves, stretching from the graceful horizon to the resplendent sand-lined shores, where we now frolic and play.

November: the trees are filled with virginal leaves, fresh and green, obscuring their formerly stark frameworks, adding colour to what was once a dull and lifeless landscape, invigorating our senses.

November: warm country breezes, birdsong and blinding sunshine...Christmas must surely be on its way.

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