Thursday, November 19, 2009

JODI MacARTHUR - Skittles (A John Wiswell Get Well Soon Message)

by Jodi MacArthur

Rainbow colored candies drop from the sky. I watch in amazement and try to catch them with my tongue, but instead they bounce off my teeth. I smile anyway and hold out my arms and hope they don't bruise me as they hit with the force of a bug bouncing off a windshield. One finally lands in my hand, a bright wagon red, and I put it in my mouth and chew. Strawberry flavor bursts upon my taste buds, the freshest, purest strawberry you could ever taste. This is the best day of my life.

Hey John,
I realize this is rather silly, but if it makes you smile I’ve done my job.
Feel better soon.


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Erin Cole said...

It made me smile:) Love the bright wagon red, great description!

John Wiswell said...

Paul, thank you kindly for all the support. This get-well drive sounds like a hoot. I look forward to reading it anthology-style after I recover.

For today's, Jodi, that was lovely. I recorded an audio version for you. A good way to spend the night before surgery: ----

Might have to wrestle with the blog alignment to get that URL, though...

Jodi MacArthur said...

I am absolutely delighted, John. Love it. Nothing of mine has ever been read aloud before! I love the way you read the last line exactly as I intended.

So glad to make you smile. Best wishes tomorrow. Quick recovery, ok?