Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Adam Whitlatch's The Weller: Land of Plenty eBook

Adam Whitlatch has just released a new short story e-book entitled "The Weller: Land of Plenty" through KHP Publishers and is available at The Merchant's Keep bookstore.

Matt Freeborn is scouring the wastelands of western Iowa for water and gasoline to replenish his dwindling stocks. He encounters a town where his precious water, the universal currency of the wastes, is shunned and everybody in town seems to want him dead. Matt must unravel the mystery of this veritable land of plenty if he ever hopes to get back out alive.

It's available for purchase at the crazy price of $1.99 (you get all three file formats: PDF, MOBI, and EPUB). Go on...you know you want to!!

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