Saturday, July 3, 2010

'Flagging Popularity' up at JM Prescott's A Reader's World

I must admit, I have never really been a fan of FanFic. It feels a bit strange borrowing so blatantly from others (although we borrow all the time from our favourite writers...if only in a subconscious way.) So, when the challenge came from Jo Prescott at her blog A Reader's World to write a piece of FanFic, I wasn't sure what to write. What resulted was something I am kinda proud of. My piece, entitled Flagging Popularity, can be found by clicking HERE.

A big thanks to Jo Prescott for the dare.

A massive thanks to Uncle Stephen for the inspiration.

As a side note, I just wanted to mention that Jo is also co-editor of a great e-zine called The Glass Coin. They are always open for submissions. Why not go and have a look-see? What can it hurt?


Jo M Prescott said...

Hey Paul,

Thanks for accepting my dare despite your aversion to Fan Fic. (I didn't know.)

I have found that Fan Fic is generally not accepted or appreciated, which I think is a good reason to make it a dare. Don't you? Like toiletpapering a house. (Do they do that in Oz?)

I am so blessed to know talented writers like you who take the time to humor my little challenges.


Harry said...

I do not know what fanfic is. I am going to go now to read Paul's piece and find out.

Harry said...

OK, now I get it. Great work Paul!

Bukowski's Basement said...

A great nod to King, Paul ... I'm with you... I never got FanFic. People love it tho... They go apeshit for it online.

David Barber said...

Left a comment over there, which was..."Great work, Paul. Loved the dialogue, which you captured pretty well. Top marks!"

Keep it up mate!

P.s. Would love your opinion on my 2 blokes in a pub. They had another outing recently for FFF #34. Only if you get the time. Cheers!

Michael Solender said...

Good on you for rising to the challenge..

Anonymous said...
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