Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Glass Coin accepts "Good Help Is Hard To Fry"

My story "Good Help Is Hard To Fry" has been accepted for the July issue of The Glass Coin. I am extremely pleased with this story and am deeply grateful to the editors Sairah Saddal and Jo Prescott for taking a chance with this piece.

I will give you more details for this piece when it is up and able to be read.

If you haven't checked out The Glass Coin...go and have a look. Every month has a dual theme. You can see the future themes HERE.

Submission guidelines can be found HERE.

Although only a fledgling publication, The Glass Coin has all the hallmarks of becoming a fantastic site for prose, poetry and art.

Check it out HERE.


Jodi MacArthur said...

Yay! Good on you Paul. I've just become familiar with them via twitter. Looking forward to your story

Bukowski's Basement said...

Congrats on your piece, Paul.

Will go and check out the pub now... thanks for the link...

Nicole E. Hirschi aka CJT said...

Congrats! I look forward to reading it!