Thursday, August 6, 2009

Holiday Cards

"Let me get this right: You are the Easter Bunny, yet you don't want to give out Easter eggs any more, you want to give out...those things. Right so far?"

Ok, I knew going in that I was going to cop some flak for this idea but I had been doing this job for the last twenty-two years; turning up at shopping malls, pre-schools and hairdressers (I have no idea why I am sent there) and it is all starting to get just a little bit stale. So, what's an Easter bunny to do? You guessed it - create a new gift to share with all the little boys and girls. Hence, I have approached my boss at Holiday-Characters-R-Us, and presented my new idea.

"Yes, boss, that is the idea. Just picture it: all the boys and girls running around with these things, showing 'em off to each other, trading them...who knows, they may become more popular than the eggs."

"Oh, I know," replied my boss, "I know you must be out of your tree. Did it hurt when you landed? C'mon, Bill, you know this will never work. The printing costs alone will kill us, not to mention all the research that has to go into the details on these things. I can't say I agree with your idea."

And with that, the meeting was over. My boss had waved a dismissive hand at me and I picked up all my paraphenalia and made my way to the door. As I reached for the knob, inspiration hit me.
"Hey, how about religious Bobble-heads instead of Biblical Trading Cards?"

The look was enough for me to know that I had to carry that damn basket again this year. God, I wish they wouldn't put the pink ribbons on it.


Laurita said...

Biting, yet funny. Good one!

Michael Solender said...

pink is the new black..gotta love it paulie